Talk 2 Brazil the Talk Radio Program on Business in Brazil

Talk 2 Brazil, was founded by Tom Reaoch as a talk radio program about Business in Brazil where the interviewees, audience, business partners and host come together to share and talk about Brazil.


Talk 2 Brazil is the first and only internet radio program on business and business related topics focused on Brazil as an opportunity for business development. Launched on June 1, 2009 the first Talk 2 Brazil a weekly program aired on LA Talk Radio, Los Angeles until 2014 and then on Blog Talk Radio  and now as Talk 2 Brazil Podcast on Over the years we have interviewed hundreds of professionals and have global audiences who have shared their views regarding business, the business culture and many tips on business in a global economy.


After the world economic crisis of 2008 business came to a standstill. I needed a way to prime my business pump again. I knew that most European and American companies would be looking to the emerging markets for new business since their own markets were also at a stall. I wanted to attract more companies to Brazil. I began researching on Google and discovered that there was limited information on the web in English about business in Brazil. Through LinkedIn connections I discovered the use of internet radio as a platform for generating content.


Tom Reaoch  was born in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania and a graduate of Bowling Green University, Bowling Green, Ohio, and now a permanent resident in Campinas, Brazil. Tom has  years of management experience in Brazilian and multinational companies and as a business consultant.


A Founding member of the American Chamber of Commerce AMCHAM Campinas, Campinas Branch, also served two terms as Board Member and former President of the Foreign Trade Committee, Vice President of the Health Committee and the Small Business Committee. 


Tom is also a  member of the Campinas Group of Vistage Brasil and Vistage International.


Knowledgeable in the Brazilian, Latin American, North American and European markets, major differentials are creativity, multicultural team management and highly motivational personality.


Tom is a professional speaker on Networking and business relation development.