In agriculture, agribusiness is a generic term for the various businesses involved in food production, including farming and contract farming, seed supply, agrichemicals, farm machinery, wholesale and distribution, processing, marketing, and retail sales.

Focus Mi Marketing Intelligence specializes in Brazil Agri Business market information. Focus MI is also proud sponsor of the Talk 2 Brazil radio program having supported the program from its inception.

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Focus MI is a Market research and consulting company, providing services of unique and differentiated quality that attend to the specific needs of foreign and Brazilian companies in both national and international initiatives. In Brazil, we stand out mainly in the agribusiness. 

With service coverage that includes all the Brazilian territory and neighboring South American countries, part of our work is based on strategic partnerships that allow us flexibility and speed in regards to gathering data. 

A constant search for analytical methodologies and market intelligence concept application, allied with a constant improvement of our work processes, render us the understanding and a dynamic adaptation towards the market, improving the abilities of market development and business growth for our clients, collaborators and partners.

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